Saturday, 21 April 2012

Project Design (Version 1)

Version 1 of the project design is provided here in its redacted form (minus costs). The design is due to be reviewed and updated after our project start up meeting in Swindon on Monday 23rd, but this reflects in essence what the project is about and how we propose to meet our goals.

Friday, 6 April 2012

About Satellite Archaeology

This is the collaborative blog of the University of Birmingham/English Heritage research project Assessing the Utility of High Resolution Satellite Remote Sensing For Archaeological Prospection and Mapping. The project aims to investigate the utility of high resolution multispectral satellite imagery for archaeological prospection.  Satellites capture high quality image data at a landscape scale, enabling investigation of large areas (tens of square kilometres) in a single image.  Use of such imagery has shown considerable potential beyond the UK, principally where conventional photography is in short supply, but has yet to be systematically tested within the UK. The project will examine the utility of a variety of modern high resolution satellite imagery for prospection and mapping using the English Heritage National Mapping Programme specification and workflow.  Work will be undertaken as a collaboration between the English Heritage Aerial Survey & Investigation Team and the Vista Centre at Birmingham University.